Application Forms

You can now download application forms to become a member or to apply for a loan, all of which are below.

Please bring your completed application (plus paperwork) into the office during our opening hours below for processing and approval.  Your application must be accompanied by the relevant supporting paperwork.

If you have any questions about any of these forms, please do not hesitate to contact us during these times on (042) 969 1911.


There are three membership application forms available, all of which must be supported by the documentation listed below.

Identification (at least one of the following):
– Valid passport
– Valid drivers’ licence
– ML10 identification form from An Garda Siochana
– Official identity card (from the Revenue Commissioners or the Dept of Social and Family Affairs)
– Other (specify)

Address Verification (at least one of the following):
– Original recent household bill
– Electoral Register
– Document from the Revenue Commmissioners or other Government department
– Original bank / building society statement
– Other (specify)

Membership Application Privacy Notice: click to open


Please click here to download our Loan Application form.  Your loan application must be completed in full.

All loan applications must be accompanied by proof of income:

  • 3 months of current bank statements (not mini-statements) plus credit card statement
  • 4 payslips or Self-Employed self-assessment return
  • Home improvement loans – full details of, and quotation for, the work to be undertaken.
  • Student loans:
    • Details of Guarantor
    • Proof of course at institution
    • Student identification

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