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Our loans have straightforward terms and conditions, do not carry any hidden fees or charges, and are offered with flexible repayment options.

No-Hassle Loan

If you need a loan with fast approval and hassle-free conditions for €3,000 and under, this is the loan for you! Our hassle-free loan uses our interest rate of 7.95% (APR 8.25%).

Standard Loan

At 7.95% (8.27%) our Standard Loan Rate covers all situations – a new car, wedding or holiday costs, house improvements, Christmas expenses…

Secure Loan

Our Secure Loan rate of 6.5% (APR 6.71%) allows you to borrow up to the value that you have in savings with Shercock Credit Union, meaning that you can avail of a great loan rate while your savings stay where they are!

Student Loan

Ready for the next stage of your education but not sure how to finance it? Our Student Loan rate of just 5% (APR 5.12%) is the perfect solution for all the costs that arise from college such as fees, books and accommodation.


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Shercock Credit Union loans have applicable terms & conditions and are only available to members.

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